Generic 4 year program

The Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing focuses on developing the skills, providing the professional education, and advancing the training that will prepare nurses for the exciting array of different nursing positions in the health system of the 21st century.

The purpose of the BA program is to ensure that graduating students will have skills in the following areas:

  • Providing direct care and support for a customer/patient and his family.
  • Developing critical thinking, clinical decision making, patient intervention, administrative, and self-learning skills.
  • Providing professional and safe quality care.
  • Developing systemic thinking, and economic understanding of the reciprocity between customers and different health systems.
  • Learning to engage in synergetic teamwork that promotes the realization of customer/patient goals and contributes to the development of health promotion projects that focus on different areas.

The BA program consists of education on theoretical frameworks, training on essential nursing skills, and practical clinical intervention studies.

Theoretical studies:

Nature, life and medicine studies:chemistry, biochemistry, introduction to sciences, biology of cell, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, immunology, pathology, pharmacology, hematology, and endocrinology.

Social sciences: psychology, developmental and social psychology, sociology and anthropology, statistics, research methods, and academic writing.

Nursing: nursing essentials, introduction to skills, inter-personal skills, interview and communication skills, epidemiology, introduction to managerial thinking, management in health systems, health economics, care management, law and ethics, health promotion essentials, health promotion project, research seminar, clinical pharmacology in nursing.

Clinical studies:

Introduction to disease status, diagnoses, societal interventions, and clinical thinking.

Clinical practical studies (clinical experience)

Examination and diagnosis in the community, clinical studies of hospital-based illnesses, and training on interventions in which hospitalization is imminent.

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